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K96 Corridor

Sedgwick County & Reno County, Kansas

-   ABOUT US  -

The K96 Corridor Development Association was launched in 2005 as a result of a study undertaken by Reno and Sedgwick counties to identify areas most likely to accomodate growth and development and ways to collaborate on programs that support growth.  We serve the corridor communities of Haven, Mount Hope, Colwich and Maize in the areas of economic development, community development and strategic planning. We also collaborate with the two member counties (Reno and Sedgwick) in promoting regional cooperation and growth.  We are a non-profit membership based organization funded and guided by our members.  Our members are a diverse mix of government and business leaders with a common goal of supporting regionalism and development along the corridor.  We are led by a 9- member board of directors who are selected from the corridor communities and top-level private sector members. 

 We are your source for information and connection to the region and its communities.  We are dedicated to the preservation and promotion of our unique urban/rural communities and way of life.   This website is made available through the support of our corridor communities and Platinum members. If you would like more information, want to discuss a specific opportunity, or are interested in becoming a member.

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