K96 Leadership

The Board of Directors of the K96 Corridor Development Association is the guiding force behind the organization, made up of leaders from each of the Corridor Communities, Reno County and our top level private sector members. Leadership skills, experience and commitment to the region are factors in selecting individuals for Board service. Many of our Board members have served the Association since its start, giving the organization stability and strength. 

Current members of the Board are:

Matt Stiles, President                                             Mayor Terrence Spexarth, Vice President
City of South Hutchinson                                       City of Colwich

Mayor Adam Wright                                               Mayor Terry Somers, Secretary/Treasurer
City of Haven                                                         City of Mount Hope

Richard LaMunyon, Director                                   Davin Morris, Director
City of Maize                                                           Black Hills Energy                                                                 

Gary Meagher, Director                                           Maggie Schmitz, Director
Reno County                                                           First National Bank of Hutchinson

Andy Buessing, Director
Hutton Construction


KayLene Haug, serves as Executive Director of the K96 Corridor Development Association and handles the operations of the organization, represents the organization and is the primary contact.  

For more information, contact KayLene Haug at 316-644-7425 or khaug3@gmail.com