Haven Opportunities

Located convenient to both Wichita and Hutchinson, Haven is a small town with excellent amenities and community pride.  A number of commercial and industrial businesses call Haven home and several existing businesses have recently undertaken major expansions. The community welcomes new business and has identified the following specific opportunities.

                  Small to medium sized manufacturing

  • Available sites with utilities close by including City provided electrical service
  • Location on K96 between Hutchinson and Wichita provides access to skilled workers
  • Existing cluster of manufacturing companies including several agricultural machinery manufacturers with worldwide sales
  • Low operating costs

Full service restaurant

  • Available buildings in downtown and sites with K96 highway visibility
  • Lack of existing options
  • Demand from workers at local employers, including 4 manufacturing facilities
  • Strong community support

Assisted living/skilled nursing home

  • Aging population with strong ties to the community
  • Large regional catchment area for residents and workers

For more information on a location in Haven contact City Administrator Allen Blake, admin@havencityhall.org , 620-456-3618 or Economic Development Director Jessica Hoskinson, jhoski@gmail.com, 620-664-8298 or see www.havencityhall.org.